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Is TouchWorks What You're Looking For?

If you've had more than one massage, you probably already know not every massage therapist is the same and there are many types of massage. Here at TouchWorks, we focus on aches, pains and injuries. Why is that important to know? Because we want to make sure you're coming to the right place for the right stuff. We don't stick to just one massage technique here, for instance. So if you are looking for a session of trigger point work and nothing else, you probably won't be pleased with what we do. However, we usually incorporate some trigger point work in each session. We use many other massage techniques as well, and they all help with aches, pains and injuries. Need more help figuring out if TouchWorks is right for you? Please consider the following:

If you...

-deal with aches or pains on a regular basis

-spend your days leaning over your patients (We love to work on folks in the medical field!)

-aren't feeling as young as you once did

-work at a desk or do some other type of stationary work

-find that pain keeps you from performing daily activities

-were recently injured

...and you're interested in using a series of massages to help with your pain (or recieve massage at least once a month to keep the pain away), then we're probably a great fit!

 But, if you...

-want relaxation massage

-want pre-natal massage

-want energy work (like Reiki)

-want hot stone massage

-enjoy massage that hurts so much you can't breathe

...then we probably aren't a great fit. However, we have a list of fabulous massage therapists we can refer you to. Take a look at the Links page to see our list of other healthcare professionals we love. If you don't see what you're looking for, contact me and we'll do our best to find someone better skilled to meet your needs.

Questions? Feel free to contact us and we'll try to give you some answers.